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Examples of 'conclusion' in a Sentence


1. The teacher emphasized the importance of including a strong conclusion in every essay.
2. The politician's speech ended with a powerful conclusion that resonated with the audience.
3. The meeting lasted for hours, but they finally reached a mutual conclusion on the matter.
4. The experiment's results supported the hypothesis, leading to a clear and definitive conclusion.
5. The judge's final conclusion marked the end of a long and contentious legal battle.
6. In the conclusion, the mystery was finally unraveled.
7. The meeting ended with a concise and clear conclusion.
8. The book's conclusion left readers in awe of the twist.
9. The conclusion of the trial brought relief to the victim's family.
10. Her speech's powerful conclusion left the audience inspired.
11. We reached a logical conclusion based on the evidence.
12. The conclusion of the play left the audience in tears.
13. The scientific study's conclusion confirmed our hypothesis.
14. The movie's conclusion had an unexpected plot twist.
15. The conclusion of the project marked a significant milestone.
16. His essay's conclusion summarized his main arguments.
17. The conclusion of the race was a photo finish.
18. The investigation's conclusion led to criminal charges.
19. The conference's conclusion highlighted key takeaways.
20. The project's conclusion report detailed its outcomes.
21. The conclusion of the negotiations resulted in a treaty.
22. In the conclusion, the protagonist found inner peace.
23. The conclusion of the concert received a standing ovation.
24. The debate's conclusion favored the opposing team.
25. The conclusion of the matter brought closure to all involved.

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