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Examples of 'conclusive' in a Sentence


1. After months of investigation, the police finally gathered enough conclusive evidence to make an arrest.
2. The researchers conducted a series of experiments to obtain conclusive results for their hypothesis.
3. The judge listened to both sides of the case before making a conclusive ruling.
4. The committee's conclusive decision ended the debate once and for all.
5. The DNA test provided conclusive proof of the suspect's involvement in the crime.
6. The conclusive data from the clinical trial supported the efficacy of the new vaccine.
7. The historian's thorough examination of the documents led to a conclusive understanding of the historical event.
8. The expert's conclusive analysis of the accident revealed the exact cause of the collision.
9. The team's conclusive victory secured their spot in the championship finals.
10. The student's well-reasoned argument was backed by conclusive facts and figures.
11. The jury deliberated for hours before reaching a conclusive verdict.
12. The scientific community eagerly awaited the publication of the researcher's conclusive findings.
13. The conclusive test score marked the end of a challenging academic journey for the student.
14. The study's conclusive findings supported the effectiveness of the new treatment.
15. After months of investigation, the detective finally uncovered the conclusive clue that solved the case.
16. The judge declared the witness's testimony to be inconclusive, as it lacked supporting evidence.
17. The research team conducted a series of experiments to obtain conclusive results.
18. The audit report presented conclusive proof of financial misconduct within the company.
19. The scientist's research provided conclusive answers to long-standing scientific questions.
20. The expert's analysis of the fingerprints was conclusive in identifying the perpetrator.
21. The archaeological discovery provided conclusive evidence of an ancient civilization.
22. The medical test results were inconclusive, requiring further investigation.
23. The negotiations reached a stalemate with no conclusive agreement.
24. The committee reviewed the evidence and reached a conclusive decision on the matter.

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