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Examples of 'concord' in a Sentence

1. The international summit aimed to foster concord among world leaders.
2. In a family, concord is essential for a peaceful and loving atmosphere.
3. Cultural exchanges can promote concord and understanding between nations.
4. The Constitution serves as a foundation for concord in a democratic society.
5. Achieving concord in a diverse workplace is a valuable goal for any organization.
6. The concord between the two nations led to a historic peace treaty.
7. In a spirit of concord, the neighbors resolved their long-standing dispute over the property boundary.
8. The concord among the choir members resulted in a beautiful and harmonious performance.
9. The concord in their marriage was a testament to their strong bond.
10. Achieving concord in international diplomacy can be a challenging endeavor.
11. The concord between science and religion remains a topic of philosophical debate.
12. The concord in the community was evident during the annual charity event.
13. The concord among the political parties was crucial for passing the bipartisan bill.
14. A sense of concord prevailed among the diverse group of volunteers.
15. The concord between the parents and teachers was essential for the students' success.
16. The concord between art and technology was reflected in the innovative exhibit.
17. The concord within the family contributed to their overall happiness.
18. The concord between tradition and progress was a recurring theme in the novel.
19. The concord reached in the negotiations put an end to the labor strike.
20. The concord among the musicians created a memorable symphony.
21. The concord between the different religious communities fostered tolerance and unity.
22. The concord at the town hall meeting resulted in a consensus on the budget.
23. The concord in the courtroom was disrupted by an unexpected outburst.
24. Achieving concord among the stakeholders was crucial for the project's success.

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