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Examples of 'concourse' in a Sentence

1. The conference attendees gathered in the concourse for networking and discussions.
2. The concourse provided a spacious area for passengers to wait before boarding their trains.
3. The university's student center had a lively concourse where students socialized.
4. The concourse of the concert venue buzzed with excitement as fans eagerly awaited the show.
5. The concourse of the office building was decorated with modern sculptures and artwork.
6. The athletes warmed up in the indoor concourse before the track and field event.
7. The concourse of the exhibition hall was divided into sections showcasing different industries.
8. The busy concourse of the metro station was a blend of diverse commuters.
9. The shopping center's concourse was lined with shops and boutiques of all kinds.
10. The elegant concourse of the theater was adorned with chandeliers and plush seating.
11. The concourse of the hotel was a welcoming space where guests could relax and socialize.
12. The science fair took place in the school's gymnasium concourse, featuring student projects.
13. The sports arena's concourse had concessions selling food, drinks, and merchandise.
14. The university's career fair was held in the main concourse, attracting employers and students.

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