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Examples of 'concupiscent' in a Sentence

1. The art gallery featured paintings with a concupiscent theme.
2. The romantic novel explored the concupiscent yearnings of its characters.
3. His concupiscent advances made her uncomfortable.
4. The therapist helped clients address concupiscent obsessions.
5. The lingerie store catered to concupiscent tastes.
6. Some believe that concupiscent desires are a natural part of human nature.
7. The nightclub was known for its concupiscent atmosphere.
8. The film's concupiscent scenes pushed the boundaries of cinema.
9. The provocative fashion show was criticized for its concupiscent designs.
10. The internet is filled with concupiscent content.
11. His concupiscent nature made it challenging to maintain relationships.
12. The novel delved into the innermost concupiscent desires of the characters.
13. The magazine featured articles on managing concupiscent cravings.
14. The novel was filled with concupiscent imagery and explicit scenes.
15. The actor's concupiscent behavior towards his co-stars caused controversy.
16. The artist's concupiscent paintings were deemed too explicit for public display.
17. The politician's concupiscent affairs were exposed by the media.
18. The singer's concupiscent lyrics were criticized for promoting promiscuity and objectification.
19. The movie was banned for its concupiscent content and graphic nudity.
20. The athlete's concupiscent behavior towards fans led to disciplinary action.
21. The photographer's concupiscent images were seen as exploitative and degrading.
22. The writer's concupiscent descriptions of sexual encounters were considered too graphic by some readers.
23. The professor's concupiscent behavior towards students led to his dismissal.
24. The celebrity's concupiscent lifestyle was the subject of tabloid gossip and speculation.


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