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Examples of 'concurrent' in a Sentence

1. She is juggling concurrent roles as a mother, wife, and CEO.
2. The two scientists made concurrent discoveries, sparking a lively debate in the academic community.
3. The conference has concurrent sessions, so attendees have to choose which they prefer.
4. They were given concurrent life sentences for their heinous crimes.
5. The concurrent development of these technologies has revolutionized the industry.
6. The power plant experienced concurrent system failures, leading to a severe blackout.
7. We are facing concurrent challenges that require immediate attention.
8. The theatre hosts concurrent shows on its two stages.
9. Concurrent courses can be demanding but offer accelerated learning.
10. Several concurrent protests were held across the city over the weekend.
11. The economy is affected by concurrent changes in the political landscape.
12. They were concurrently studying for their Masters and working full-time.
13. The streaming service allows for concurrent viewing on multiple devices.
14. The concert and the art exhibition were concurrent events in the city.
15. Concurrent meetings led to a clash in the busy schedule.
16. Her achievements in sports and academics were concurrent.
17. The traffic jam and the heavy rain were concurrent annoyances.
18. The company announced concurrent layoffs and expansion plans.
19. The team faced concurrent challenges on multiple fronts.
20. Their laughter and applause were concurrent during the comedy show.
21. Concurrent crises required immediate attention from the leaders.
22. The merger and the restructuring were concurrent business moves.
23. The thunderstorm and the power outage were concurrent disruptions.
24. The concurrent release of the movie and the book created a buzz.

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