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Examples of 'condemn' in a Sentence


1. The resolution passed unanimously to condemn human rights violations.
2. Celebrities used their platforms to condemn social injustice.
3. The mayor held a press conference to condemn the rise in crime.
4. Religious leaders joined forces to condemn acts of violence in the name of faith.
5. We must condemn discrimination and work toward a more inclusive society.
6. The community leader urged everyone to condemn acts of violence.
7. It is important to condemn any form of discrimination or prejudice.
8. The organization released a statement to condemn the human rights violations.
9. The government refused to condemn the actions of the oppressive regime.
10. The public figure received backlash for failing to condemn hate speech.
11. The religious leader spoke out to condemn the unjust treatment of refugees.
12. The professor was quick to condemn the plagiarized work submitted by a student.
13. The activists rallied to condemn the destruction of the natural habitat.
14. The committee unanimously voted to condemn the proposed legislation.
15. The organization held a press conference to condemn animal cruelty.
16. The politician faced criticism for his failure to condemn corruption within his party.
17. The artist used her platform to condemn social inequality and injustice.
18. The court decision was met with widespread condemnation from human rights organizations.
19. The parents joined forces to condemn the school's decision to cut funding for arts education.
20. The celebrity was called upon to condemn the offensive remarks made in a recent interview.
21. The company issued a public apology and condemned the unethical behavior of its employees.
22. The professor used the opportunity to condemn the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports.
23. The community leaders came together to condemn the rise in hate crimes.
24. The public expressed outrage and condemned the government's decision to restrict freedom of speech.

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