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Examples of 'condescending' in a Sentence

1. The condescending way he explained the concept made the students feel inadequate.
2. The author's condescending portrayal of the characters alienated readers.
3. It's important to communicate respectfully without sounding condescending.
4. The condescending comments from the judge shook the confidence of the contestants.
5. His condescending mannerisms masked his insecurities.
6. The condescending nature of the debate left no room for constructive discussion.
7. She often used condescending language to belittle her opponents.
8. The condescending advice he gave came across as insincere and dismissive.
9. The condescending behavior of the celebrity disappointed their fans.
10. He attempted to dominate the conversation with his condescending anecdotes.
11. The condescending way he treated his colleagues hindered collaboration.
12. The condescending tone of the article undermined its credibility.
13. Despite her achievements, she remained humble and avoided being condescending.
14. His condescending remarks showcased a lack of empathy for others' perspectives.


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