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Examples of 'condiment' in a Sentence

1. Sriracha, a fiery condiment, is a favorite among spice lovers.
2. Chutney is a sweet and savory condiment in Indian cooking.
3. Relish, made from pickles, is a delightful condiment for hot dogs.
4. Wasabi, a pungent condiment, complements sushi and sashimi.
5. Vinegar, a versatile condiment, enhances dressings and marinades.
6. Pesto, made from basil, is a flavorful condiment for pasta.
7. Aioli, infused with garlic, is a rich and aromatic condiment.
8. Horseradish adds a bold kick as a condiment for roast beef.
9. Tzatziki, a creamy condiment, is a staple in Greek cuisine.
10. Barbecue sauce, smoky and tangy, is a quintessential condiment.
11. Tapenade, a briny olive-based condiment, has a bold flavor.
12. Harissa, a fiery North African condiment, spices up dishes.
13. Kimchi, a fermented and spicy condiment, is a Korean staple.
14. Teriyaki sauce, a sweet and savory condiment, enhances stir-fries.
15. Ranch dressing, a creamy herb condiment, elevates salads.
16. Peanut sauce, nutty and savory, is a key condiment in Asian cuisine.
17. Aioli, with its Mediterranean roots, is a garlicky condiment.
18. Red pepper flakes, a fiery condiment, are great on pizza.
19. Sambal, a chili-based condiment, packs a spicy punch.
20. Hoisin sauce, a sweet and savory condiment, enhances Chinese dishes.
21. Pickled jalapeños, spicy condiments, elevate nachos and tacos.
22. Tahini, a nutty sesame condiment, is used in Middle Eastern dishes.
23. Gochujang, a fermented and spicy condiment, flavors Korean cuisine.
24. Balsamic glaze, a sweet and tangy condiment, drizzles over salads.

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