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Examples of 'confabulate' in a Sentence

1. The council members confabulate regularly to discuss the needs of the community.
2. The writers need to confabulate to finalize the plot of the novel.
3. Why don't we confabulate on this topic during our next book club meeting?
4. It's always good to confabulate with experienced people before making career choices.
5. Let’s confabulate on the challenges we face and devise a plan of action.
6. The international leaders will confabulate in Geneva next month.
7. Whenever they confabulate, great ideas emerge.
8. I’ll confabulate with my financial advisor to evaluate investment options.
9. The students should confabulate and come up with a list of activities for the school festival.
10. It’s imperative for human rights activists to confabulate to address injustices.
11. If you confabulate with your colleagues, you’ll find a better approach to the project.
12. We should confabulate and decide on a venue for the party.
13. Let's confabulate about our weekend plans over coffee.
14. They often confabulate in the park, sharing stories and laughter.
15. We'll confabulate with the team to brainstorm new ideas.
16. It's time to confabulate with the neighbors about the block party.
17. After work, they confabulate at the local pub to unwind.
18. The friends confabulate about their favorite books regularly.
19. We should confabulate before the meeting to coordinate our points.
20. People in the small town love to confabulate at the diner.
21. Families often confabulate during holiday gatherings.
22. In the library, students quietly confabulate about their studies.
23. The committee will confabulate to decide on the event's details.
24. Let's confabulate online tonight since we can't meet in person.

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