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Examples of 'confederation' in a Sentence

1. The Articles of Confederation were the first governing document of the United States.
2. The pirates formed a confederation to better organize their raids on the high seas.
3. Some European nations were part of a confederation before the European Union was established.
4. The Southern states formed the Confederate States of America, a confederation that seceded from the Union.
5. The delegates from each city formed a confederation to address regional environmental issues.
6. In the Middle Ages, several German states were part of the Holy Roman Empire, a loose confederation.
7. The confederation of environmental groups pressed the government for stricter pollution controls.
8. She joined the Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs to expand her network and grow her business.
9. The confederation of nations worked together for peace.
10. The sports confederation organized the international tournament.
11. The trade confederation negotiated favorable deals.
12. The cultural confederation celebrated diversity.
13. The confederation promoted economic cooperation.
14. The political confederation aimed for unity.
15. The student confederation addressed campus issues.
16. The confederation's goals included shared resources.
17. The regional confederation discussed shared challenges.
18. The historical confederation fought for independence.
19. The environmental confederation advocated for conservation.
20. The labor confederation fought for workers' rights.
21. The confederation of tribes protected their ancestral lands.
22. The confederation's leaders worked to strengthen ties.
23. The technology confederation fostered innovation.
24. The educational confederation supported teachers.
25. The religious confederation promoted interfaith dialogue.
26. The confederation of artists showcased diverse talents.
27. The humanitarian confederation aided disaster victims.
28. The confederation's constitution outlined its principles.

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