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Examples of 'confident' in a Sentence

1. The confident entrepreneur took calculated risks, knowing that her innovative ideas would lead to business success.
2. Despite the daunting task ahead, he tackled it with a confident attitude, certain that he could overcome any obstacles.
3. The confident leader inspired her team, instilling in them the belief that they could achieve greatness together.
4. With a confident stride, he navigated the unfamiliar city streets, exuding an air of self-assurance.
5. The confident musician took center stage, captivating the audience with her powerful voice and stage presence.
6. She appeared confident as she delivered her speech.
7. The team felt confident about their chances of winning.
8. His confident demeanor inspired trust among his colleagues.
9. Being well-prepared made her feel more confident.
10. The student felt confident after acing the exam.
11. A confident attitude can lead to success in life.
12. She was confident in her ability to handle the situation.
13. His confident smile put everyone at ease.
14. Confidence is the key to effective public speaking.
15. The CEO's confident leadership led to company growth.
16. A confident approach can overcome obstacles.
17. The athlete's confident performance led to victory.
18. Confidence in oneself is essential for personal growth.
19. The actor's confident portrayal of the character was impressive.
20. A confident mindset can lead to achievement.
21. The confident student volunteered to lead the project.
22. Confidence is the cornerstone of a strong personality.
23. She felt confident in her decision-making abilities.
24. Confidence is a trait admired by many.
25. The manager's confident decision boosted team morale.

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