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Examples of 'confinement' in a Sentence

1. The bird fluttered its wings, desperate to escape the confinement of its cage.
2. The patient's confinement to a wheelchair didn't dampen their spirit and determination.
3. The author found solace in writing during the confinement of her studio apartment.
4. The explorers faced the challenges of confinement as they trekked through the frozen wilderness.
5. The family embraced the temporary confinement of their camping tent, cherishing the moments of togetherness.Her confinement to a wheelchair didn't deter her spirit.
6. The prisoner endured years of solitary confinement.
7. The spaceship's confinement in orbit was temporary.
8. Confinement to a small cell was his punishment.
9. The patient's confinement to the hospital was lengthy.
10. The pet's confinement to a crate was temporary.
11. The pandemic led to a long period of confinement.
12. His confinement to the cabin was due to illness.
13. The chick's confinement in the nest was cozy.
14. The cat's confinement indoors kept it safe.
15. Confinement in a small room felt suffocating.
16. The athlete's confinement to the locker room was brief.
17. The artist found solace in her studio's confinement.
18. Confinement in a cubicle led to restlessness.
19. Her confinement to the office was due to a deadline.
20. The plant's confinement in a pot stunted its growth.
21. Confinement in the basement was eerie.
22. The child's confinement in the playpen was supervised.
23. Confinement in the elevator was an inconvenience.
24. The snake's confinement in a terrarium was secure.

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