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Examples of 'confirm' in a Sentence

1. We must confirm the accuracy of these financial statements.
2. The eyewitness testimony helped confirm the suspect's guilt.
3. I can confirm that the package has been shipped.
4. Please confirm your understanding of the new policy.
5. The fingerprint analysis will confirm the identity of the thief.
6. The survey results confirm a shift in public opinion.
7. We need to confirm the availability of conference rooms.
8. Can you confirm the delivery date for this order?
9. The DNA test will confirm the paternity of the child.
10. I want to confirm your appointment for next Tuesday.
11. We must confirm the legality of this contract.
12. The security camera footage can confirm the intruder's identity.
13. Please confirm your acceptance of the job offer.
14. The eyewitnesses will confirm the details of the accident.
15. The audit will confirm compliance with industry regulations.
16. Can you confirm the source of this breaking news?
17. We need to confirm the eligibility of the scholarship applicants.
18. The radar data will confirm the aircraft's position.
19. Please confirm the reservation for two under the name Smith.
20. The medical tests will confirm the diagnosis of the disease.
21. The background check will confirm the applicant's history.
22. We should confirm the availability of concert tickets.
23. The inspection will confirm the safety of the building.
24. The report will confirm the success of the marketing campaign.


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