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Examples of 'conformist' in a Sentence

1. The conformist diligently followed the dress code, blending in with their peers.
2. The pressure to conform made it difficult for the non-conformist to express their unique ideas.
3. The conformists in the group outvoted those who desired a different approach.
4. The conformist embraced the traditions of their family, maintaining continuity across generations.
5. The non-conformist's unconventional choices sometimes baffled the conformists around them.
6. She's a conformist who follows traditions without question.
7. The company culture encourages employees to be conformists.
8. The school had a strict dress code, breeding conformists.
9. He resented being labeled a conformist for his choices.
10. Conformists tend to avoid deviating from the norm.
11. Non-conformists often clash with traditionalists.
12. The conformist mindset stifles creativity and innovation.
13. Conformists may struggle to embrace change.
14. He was labeled a conformist due to his conservative values.
15. Conformists often conform to societal expectations.
16. The groupthink mentality fostered a culture of conformists.
17. Her circle of friends consisted mainly of conformists.
18. The educational system can produce conformists.
19. Conformists sometimes fear being judged by non-conformists.
20. The conformist attitude hindered progress in the organization.
21. Conformists may have difficulty challenging authority.
22. Conformists find comfort in following established rules.
23. The conformist mindset can limit personal growth.
24. Non-conformists often clash with societal norms.
25. The workplace encouraged a conformist approach.

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