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Examples of 'confound' in a Sentence

1. The contradictory statements from the witness confounded the jury.
2. The mysterious disappearance of the artifacts continues to confound historians.
3. The intricate puzzle confounds puzzle enthusiasts.
4. The conflicting information confounded the researchers.
5. The intricate plot of the movie confounded the viewers.
6. The intricate dance routine confounded the performers during rehearsals.
7. The foreign language confounds me; I can't understand a word.
8. The results of the experiment confound our initial expectations.
9. The sudden change in weather confounded the forecasters.
10. The politician's contradictory statements confound the public.
11. The magician's sleight of hand techniques confound even other magicians.
12. The complicated legal case confounds the lawyers involved.
13. The paradoxical nature of the situation confounds logical reasoning.
14. The new evidence confounded the researchers and challenged their initial hypothesis.


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