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Examples of 'confuse' in a Sentence

1. The sudden shift in tone of the movie confused the viewers.
2. The conflicting information from various sources only added to the confusion.
3. The ambiguous signage at the airport confused the travelers.
4. The maze of hallways in the building confused visitors trying to find their way.
5. Her explanation was so convoluted that it only served to confuse matters further.
6. The complex instructions can easily confuse users.
7. His contradictory statements continued to confuse us.
8. The maze was designed to confuse participants.
9. Misleading information can confuse consumers.
10. The sudden change in plans seemed to confuse everyone.
11. The dense fog can confuse even experienced drivers.
12. Her multiple personas often confuse her friends.
13. The technical jargon can confuse non-experts.
14. Emotional turmoil can confuse decision-making.
15. The intricate plot of the movie may confuse some viewers.
16. Rapid changes in weather patterns can confuse forecasters.
17. The conflicting advice from experts can confuse patients.
18. Mixing up the ingredients might confuse the recipe.
19. The teacher's unclear explanation only confused the students.
20. The intricate web of lies continued to confuse investigators.
21. Complex financial data can easily confuse investors.
22. His sudden disappearance continues to confuse authorities.
23. The overlapping responsibilities can confuse team members.
24. The constant interruptions can confuse concentration.
25. The cryptic message seemed to confuse even the experts.


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