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Examples of 'confusion' in a Sentence

1. The complex jargon used in the presentation only added to the confusion of the audience.
2. The unclear directions resulted in widespread confusion among the travelers.
3. The simultaneous announcements created a cacophony of confusion in the busy train station.
4. The conflicting rumors circulating about the incident caused confusion among the public.
5. The overlapping schedules caused confusion among the team members, leading to missed appointments.
6. The sudden change caused a lot of confusion.
7. There was widespread confusion about the new policy.
8. The conflicting information only added to the confusion.
9. The meeting ended in a state of utter confusion.
10. The complex issue led to much public confusion.
11. The lack of clear instructions contributed to the confusion.
12. In times of crisis, clarity can dispel confusion.
13. The chaotic scene left everyone in a state of confusion.
14. The misunderstanding led to unnecessary confusion.
15. The rapid developments created a sense of confusion.
16. Her unclear explanation only deepened the confusion.
17. The multiple interpretations caused confusion.
18. The language barrier resulted in significant confusion.
19. The maze of options left him in a state of confusion.
20. The conflicting statements generated confusion.
21. The disorganized process caused confusion among staff.
22. The lack of transparency perpetuated the confusion.
23. The simultaneous demands led to a state of confusion.
24. The jumble of ideas created intellectual confusion.
25. Clear communication can alleviate workplace confusion.

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