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Examples of 'confute' in a Sentence

1. Evidence was presented to confute the defendant's alibi.
2. She hoped to confute the myth with scientific data.
3. The debate focused on trying to confute rival theories.
4. He used statistics to confute the flawed analysis.
5. The professor encouraged students to confute ideas respectfully.
6. It's essential to confute baseless claims with evidence.
7. The study's results effectively confute previous assumptions.
8. Their research aims to confute conventional wisdom.
9. He managed to confute his opponent's argument convincingly.
10. The article was written to confute common misconceptions.
11. It's important to confute misinformation with accurate data.
12. She tried to confute the critics by showcasing success stories.
13. The panel of experts was brought in to confute the theory.
14. Their findings may confute established scientific paradigms.
15. The scientist attempted to confute the theories of his colleagues.
16. Her arguments were strong enough to confute the opposing view.
17. The speaker managed to confute all the criticisms of his speech.
18. The lawyer attempted to confute the evidence presented by the prosecution.
19. I was able to confute the rumors about my private life.
20. The journalist wrote an article to confute the misinformation in the news.
21. The new study is expected to confute the conventional wisdom about the issue.
22. She made a convincing argument that was difficult to confute.
23. The team conducted research to confute the false assumptions about the disease.
24. The editor wrote a response to confute the misleading headline in the newspaper.
25. The police presented the forensic report to confute the alibi of the suspect.


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