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Examples of 'congeal' in a Sentence

1. The blood began to congeal as it dried on the wound.
2. The syrup congealed on the pancakes, creating a sweet layer.
3. As the gravy cooled, it began to congeal on the plate.
4. The wax in the candle congealed as it hardened.
5. The milkshake started to congeal, making it harder to sip through the straw.
6. The cheese fondue congealed into a delicious gooey mass.
7. The sauce congealed quickly, creating a lumpy texture.
8. Leftover soup often congeals in the refrigerator.
9. The jelly congealed in the jar, making it easier to spread.
10. The pudding began to congeal as it set in the fridge.
11. As the icing cooled, it began to congeal on the cake.
12. The hot syrup slowly congealed on the cold ice cream.
13. The custard congealed into a smooth, creamy consistency.
14. The gravy congealed into a thick, flavorful sauce.
15. The sauce began to congeal as it cooled, forming a thick layer on top.
16. The gravy congealed in the refrigerator overnight, but could be easily reheated.
17. The melted chocolate started to congeal on the countertop, so she quickly spread it out.
18. The liquid soap congealed in the cold winter temperatures, making it difficult to use.
19. The oil in the pan began to congeal as it cooled, leaving a greasy residue.
20. The pudding congealed in the refrigerator, forming a thick, creamy texture.
21. The paint congealed in the can, making it difficult to use without thinning it first.
22. The snow congealed into a dense, heavy mass after several days of accumulation.
23. The ideas in his mind began to congeal into a clear plan of action.
24. The mixture of water and flour slowly congealed into a sticky dough.
25. The group's opinions on the issue began to congeal into two distinct camps.

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