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Examples of 'congregate' in a Sentence

1. The homeless individuals congregate near the shelter for support.
2. Students congregate around the library during exam week.
3. Tourists congregate near the popular landmarks for photo opportunities.
4. The employees congregate in the break room during lunch breaks.
5. The festival attracts people from different cultures to congregate in one place.
6. Fans of the band congregate outside the concert venue to meet the members.
7. The residents of the retirement home congregate in the common area for activities.
8. Music lovers congregate at the music festival to enjoy live performances.
9. The members of the club congregate in the clubhouse for their weekly meetings.
10. The congregation will congregate at the beach for the sunrise service.
11. Locals congregate at the market on weekends to buy fresh produce.
12. The students congregate at the bus stop after school to catch their rides home.
13. Supporters of the political candidate congregate at campaign rallies to show their solidarity.
14. Every Sunday, families congregate at the park for picnics.
15. The town square is where locals congregate for community events.
16. Students congregate in the library during exam week.
17. Birds congregate by the lake, creating a picturesque scene.
18. Fans congregate outside the stadium before a big game.
19. People congregate at the coffee shop for morning caffeine fixes.
20. In the evening, friends often congregate at their favorite pub.
21. Protesters congregate in the city center to voice their concerns.
22. The church is where parishioners congregate for Sunday worship.
23. Beachgoers congregate near the lifeguard tower for safety.
24. Hikers congregate at the trailhead before embarking on their journey.


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