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Examples of 'conjectural' in a Sentence

1. The students engaged in a lively debate, presenting conjectural arguments from various perspectives.
2. The court dismissed the claim due to the lack of substantive evidence and reliance on conjectural assertions.
3. The artist's work invited viewers to interpret the abstract pieces through their own conjectural meanings.
4. The speaker acknowledged that the timeline presented was conjectural and subject to revision.
5. The nature of the topic made it necessary to rely on conjectural reasoning to bridge the gaps in knowledge.
6. The scientist's conjectural theory lacked substantial proof, causing debate.
7. It was a conjectural idea; evidence to support it was noticeably absent.
8. Her conjectural stance on alien life sparked a heated discussion online.
9. Without data, his hypothesis remained purely conjectural and untested.
10. The conjectural nature of the claim led to widespread skepticism.
11. His conjectural remarks on time travel lacked scientific grounding.
12. We're venturing into conjectural terrain, lacking concrete evidence.
13. That's a conjectural assumption; it's not supported by the facts.
14. The team’s conjectural approach raised eyebrows in the scientific community.
15. Some say the concept of multiverse is still conjectural at best.
16. Her book explored the conjectural existence of an advanced ancient civilization.
17. Conjectural interpretations of the artifact caused controversy among historians.
18. They dismissed his ideas as conjectural, demanding more evidence.
19. The conjectural theory, though popular, failed under scientific scrutiny.
20. Amid conjectural claims, the truth became difficult to discern.
21. Conjectural beliefs often lead to misinterpretations and misinformation.
22. Critics argue that conjectural findings lack empirical support.
23. The conjectural origin story of the universe is still debated.
24. We must be wary of conjectural conclusions drawn prematurely.
25. Conjectural assertions can't replace evidence-based scientific methods.

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