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Examples of 'conjecture' in a Sentence

1. The novel was filled with intriguing conjectures about time travel and parallel universes.
2. The philosopher pondered deep conjectures about the nature of consciousness.
3. The historical researcher's conjecture about the lost city led to an exciting expedition.
4. The economist's conjecture about the market trends turned out to be accurate.
5. The astronomers presented their conjecture about the existence of dark matter.
6. The literary critic offered a thought-provoking conjecture about the author's intentions.
7. The scientist's conjecture was supported by experimental data and rigorous analysis.
8. The mathematician's conjecture challenged established theorems in the field of geometry.
9. The jury deliberated over the conjecture of the defendant's guilt.
10. The physicist's conjecture about the behavior of subatomic particles was groundbreaking.
11. The historian's conjecture shed new light on a mysterious event in ancient history.
12. The art critic's conjecture about the hidden symbolism in the painting sparked debate.
13. The linguist's conjecture about the origins of language was met with intrigue.
14. The scientist's theory was based on mere conjecture and lacked evidence.
15. The historian presented a new conjecture about the origins of the ancient civilization.
16. The detective's investigation was based on conjecture until he found concrete evidence.
17. The mathematician's conjecture proved to be true after years of research and testing.
18. The philosopher's conjecture about the nature of reality was debated by scholars for centuries.
19. The archaeologist's conjecture about the purpose of the ancient ruins was confirmed by a recent discovery.
20. The literary critic's conjecture about the author's intentions in the novel sparked a lively debate.
21. The linguist's conjecture about the evolution of language was groundbreaking in the field.
22. The physicist's conjecture about the existence of dark matter is still being studied and debated.
23. The economist's conjecture about the future of the stock market proved to be accurate.
24. The meteorologist's conjecture about the path of the hurricane helped people prepare and stay safe.

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