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Examples of 'conjunction' in a Sentence


1. The conjunction "yet" indicates a surprising or unexpected outcome.
2. The conjunction "nor" is used to present negative alternatives.
3. The conjunction "for" explains the reason or cause behind an action.
4. The writer used a conjunction to combine two short sentences into a longer one.
5. The conjunction "so" denotes a consequence or result.
6. The English language has several different types of conjunctions.
7. The conjunction "although" introduces a contrast or concession.
8. The conjunction "while" indicates a simultaneous action or condition.
9. The student's essay lacked clear conjunctions to connect the ideas.
10. The conjunction "since" establishes a cause-and-effect relationship.
11. The conjunction "unless" expresses a condition that must be met for something to happen.
12. The conjunction "because" provides a reason or explanation.
13. The conjunction "whereas" highlights a difference or opposition between two things.
14. The teacher taught the students how to identify conjunctions in sentences.

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