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Examples of 'conjuring' in a Sentence


1. The crowd erupted into applause after witnessing the mesmerizing conjuring trick.
2. The magician's dazzling conjuring display left everyone in awe and disbelief.
3. The magician's show featured a variety of classic and innovative conjuring illusions.
4. The art of conjuring has a rich history dating back centuries, captivating audiences throughout time.
5. Many aspiring magicians study the principles and techniques of conjuring to master the craft.
6. The magician's conjuring tricks left the audience in awe.
7. She mastered the art of conjuring at a young age.
8. The conjuring show featured mind-boggling illusions.
9. His skills in conjuring were unparalleled in the industry.
10. The crowd gasped at the magician's expert conjuring.
11. Conjuring requires a deep understanding of psychology.
12. He dedicated his life to perfecting the craft of conjuring.
13. The magician's sleight of hand was flawless in his conjuring act.
14. The conjuring performance left everyone spellbound.
15. A magician's success depends on their mastery of conjuring.
16. She aspired to become a world-renowned conjuring artist.
17. The secret to great conjuring lies in misdirection.
18. He amazed the audience with his sleight of hand conjuring.
19. Conjuring often involves elaborate props and costumes.
20. The history of conjuring is filled with fascinating stories.
21. The magician's hat was a key prop in his conjuring act.
22. The allure of conjuring lies in its sense of wonder.
23. His conjuring skills were the envy of his peers.
24. The world of conjuring is a realm of mystery and illusion.
25. The magician's conjuring tricks delighted young and old alike.


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