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Examples of 'connote' in a Sentence

1. The term "black sheep" can connote someone who stands out from the rest of the family.
2. The use of specific language can connote a certain level of formality.
3. The silence in the room connoted tension and unease.
4. The painting's dark colors connote a sense of melancholy.
5. The gesture of crossing arms can connote defensiveness.
6. The word "freedom" connote a sense of liberation and autonomy.
7. The sound of thunder can connote power and authority.
8. The image of a broken chain can connote liberation and freedom.
9. The use of minimalistic design can connote simplicity and elegance.
10. The smell of roses can connote romance and love.
11. The concept of a labyrinth can connote confusion and complexity.
12. The expression on her face connote disappointment and resignation.
13. The sound of crashing waves can connote the vastness and power of the ocean.
14. The phrase "silver lining" can connote finding something positive in a negative situation.


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