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Examples of 'conscript' in a Sentence

1. The government may conscript civilians to assist in disaster relief efforts.
2. The conscription process involves thorough screening and physical examinations.
3. The nation relies on conscripted soldiers to defend its borders.
4. The military conscripts recruits from diverse backgrounds and regions.
5. In times of war, it is necessary to conscript as many soldiers as possible.
6. The conscript system ensures a steady supply of manpower for the military.
7. The government may conscript professionals in certain fields during crises.
8. The authorities announced their decision to conscript volunteers for the project.
9. The conscript law requires eligible citizens to serve a minimum term in the military.
10. The military has the power to conscript citizens and train them for combat.
11. The country's defense strategy heavily relies on conscripting the youth.
12. The conscript order was issued, and eligible men reported to the recruitment center.
13. The conscript policy aims to maintain a strong and capable defense force.
14. He was conscripted into the army and forced to leave his family behind.

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