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Examples of 'consent' in a Sentence


1. Privacy laws dictate that companies must obtain explicit consent before collecting personal data.
2. The employee's signed consent allows the company to conduct a background check.
3. In healthcare, patient consent is essential before any treatment or surgery.
4. The consent decree resolved the dispute between the two parties amicably.
5. Consent can be withdrawn at any time if an individual no longer wishes to participate.
6. The legal age for sexual consent varies by jurisdiction.
7. The singer released the song without obtaining the songwriter's consent.
8. Informed consent is a cornerstone of ethical medical research.
9. The couple signed a prenuptial agreement after careful consideration and mutual consent.
10. The website's terms of service require users to provide explicit consent.
11. Coercion invalidates any consent obtained under duress.
12. The contract stipulates that changes require the consent of all parties involved.
13. Verbal consent over the phone is often recorded for legal purposes.
14. A power of attorney document grants consent to make decisions on behalf of someone else.
15. In the court of law, a minor's consent may be voided if it's deemed not fully informed.
16. The consent of the board of directors is necessary for major corporate decisions.
17. Prior consent from the copyright holder is essential for using their work.
18. The consent of both parties is crucial to maintaining a healthy relationship.

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