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Examples of 'conservative' in a Sentence

1. The elderly often hold conservative views on social issues.
2. The organization's conservative policies prioritize safety.
3. Traditionalists tend to have a conservative mindset.
4. The conservative estimate is lower than anticipated.
5. The team took a conservative approach to risk management.
6. Many conservatives advocate for smaller government.
7. The artist's style is considered quite conservative.
8. The court's decision was seen as a conservative stance.
9. Conservative values guide his decision-making process.
10. The neighborhood has a conservative architectural style.
11. The book explores the clash between liberal and conservative ideals.
12. His conservative attire reflects his personality.
13. The conservative candidate won the election by a narrow margin.
14. Conservative principles are deeply rooted in their culture.
15. The conservative couple preferred traditional gender roles within their marriage.
16. The university had a reputation for its conservative campus culture.
17. The company followed a conservative investment strategy, avoiding risky ventures.
18. The conservative dress code required employees to adhere to professional attire.
19. The conservative parents were hesitant about allowing their children to explore alternative career paths.
20. The conservative approach to education focused on teaching core subjects and foundational knowledge.
21. The conservative religious group upheld traditional values and practices.
22. The conservative estimate projected slower growth for the economy.
23. The conservative newspaper editorial criticized proposed social reforms as undermining societal values.
24. The conservative art gallery showcased classical artworks and traditional artistic styles.
25. The conservative outlook on environmental policy emphasized a balanced approach between conservation and economic development.

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