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Examples of 'consider' in a Sentence

1. It's wise to consider the long-term implications before making a major investment.
2. Before accepting the job offer, he wanted to consider the benefits and salary package.
3. The committee will consider all submitted proposals before selecting the winning entry.
4. Let's consider the impact of this policy change on our customers and employees.
5. The judge will consider the evidence presented before making a ruling.
6. Before making a decision, it's crucial to consider all relevant factors.
7. They asked us to consider their proposal at the next meeting.
8. I often consider the implications of my actions on others.
9. Please take a moment to consider the consequences of your actions.
10. We should carefully consider the risks involved before proceeding.
11. It's essential to consider various perspectives in complex situations.
12. Have you ever taken the time to consider your life's purpose?
13. The committee will consider your request for additional funding.
14. He promised to consider my suggestion for improving the process.
15. In negotiations, it's important to consider both sides' interests.
16. Before reaching a conclusion, we must consider all available data.
17. They didn't adequately consider the impact of the policy change.
18. I'll need more time to consider whether to accept the job offer.
19. Let's consider the environmental impact of our production methods.
20. Before making any investments, it's wise to consider market trends.
21. She carefully considered the options before making a decision.
22. It's essential to consider the needs of future generations.
23. Before you judge, try to consider things from their perspective.
24. When choosing a career, consider your passion and long-term goals.
25. We should consider the potential benefits of this research project.

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