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Examples of 'considerate' in a Sentence

1. He waited patiently and held the door open, displaying his considerate manners.
2. The considerate driver let the pedestrian cross the street safely.
3. She offered a considerate ear and listened attentively to her friend's problems.
4. The considerate parent packed a special snack for their child's school field trip.
5. It was considerate of the team to reschedule the meeting to accommodate everyone's availability.
6. Her considerate nature shines through in every interaction.
7. Being considerate of others' needs is a mark of maturity.
8. He's consistently praised for his incredibly considerate demeanor.
9. Please, let's be considerate and avoid causing unnecessary harm.
10. A considerate host always ensures guests feel comfortable.
11. Considerate friends are there for you in times of need.
12. She's remarkably considerate of her colleagues' workloads.
13. The considerate driver allowed the pedestrian to cross safely.
14. Being considerate can build strong bonds in relationships.
15. A considerate manager takes employees' well-being into account.
16. Their considerate actions speak volumes about their character.
17. It's considerate to acknowledge and appreciate others' efforts.
18. The considerate teacher tailored lessons to each student's pace.
19. Considerate neighbors make living in a community more pleasant.
20. Please, let's be considerate of each other's time and commitments.
21. Considerate leaders listen to diverse viewpoints and opinions.
22. A considerate gesture can brighten someone's entire day.
23. Being considerate of the environment benefits future generations.
24. The considerate coach motivated the team with empathy.
25. Considerate parents provide a loving and nurturing home.

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