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Examples of 'consign' in a Sentence

1. The museum will consign the artwork to a traveling exhibition.
2. He plans to consign his classic car to a vintage car auction.
3. The library will consign the rare manuscripts to a preservationist.
4. The retailer will consign the unsold items to a discount store.
5. She reluctantly consigned the beloved pet to a new owner.
6. The bank agreed to consign the valuable assets for safekeeping.
7. They will consign the collection of coins to an appraiser.
8. The antique dealer will consign the item to a museum display.
9. He decided to consign the valuable jewelry to a trusted friend.
10. The shipping company will consign the cargo to its destination.
11. She had to consign the old files to the shredder for disposal.
12. They will consign the historical documents to an archivist.
13. The publisher will consign the remaindered books to a warehouse.
14. He plans to consign his vintage record collection to a music store.
20. The antique dealer will consign the valuable vase to the auction house.
21. I will consign these old papers to the recycling bin.
22. He didn't want to keep the painting, so he consigned it to a local art gallery.
23. The farmer had to consign his damaged crop to the compost pile.
24. The CEO had to consign the project to the trash bin after it failed to meet expectations.
25. The merchant decided to consign the excess stock to a discount retailer.
26. The collector will consign his rare book collection to a reputable auctioneer.
27. She had to consign her beloved pet to the animal shelter because she could no longer take care of it.
28. The military consigned the old equipment to a surplus auction.
29. The artist consigned her latest work to a prestigious gallery in Paris.
30. The landlord will consign the abandoned property to a real estate agent.

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