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Examples of 'consolidate' in a Sentence

1. The student studied diligently to consolidate their knowledge before the exam.
2. The organization aims to consolidate its influence in the community through outreach programs.
3. The political party seeks to consolidate its voter base through effective campaigning.
4. The landlord decided to consolidate all rental payments into a single monthly bill.
5. The athlete worked hard to consolidate their skills and improve their performance.
6. The technology firm plans to consolidate its various software applications into a unified platform.
7. The manager wants to consolidate the team's efforts to achieve greater efficiency.
8. The financial institution is looking to consolidate its branches to streamline operations.
9. The board of directors voted to consolidate the company's subsidiaries for better management.
10. The government's goal is to consolidate different agencies under a single authority.
11. The university aims to consolidate its research programs to foster collaboration.
12. The city council plans to consolidate public services to reduce costs.
13. The goal is to consolidate all the data from different sources into a central database.
14. The company consolidated its operations to increase efficiency.

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