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Examples of 'conspiracy' in a Sentence

1. The politician denied any involvement in the alleged conspiracy.
2. Conspiracy theories can spread quickly in times of uncertainty.
3. The conspiracy to frame an innocent person shocked the community.
4. The espionage conspiracy threatened national security.
5. The jury deliberated over the conspiracy charges for hours.
6. Investigators uncovered a conspiracy to smuggle illegal drugs.
7. The conspiracy theorists believed in a hidden world government.
8. The criminal organization's conspiracy spanned across borders.
9. The journalist exposed a corporate conspiracy to manipulate prices.
10. The conspiracy to steal classified documents was thwarted.
11. The courtroom was filled with tension as the conspiracy trial began.
12. Conspiracy theories often thrive in the absence of credible information.
13. The conspiracy to silence whistleblowers raised ethical questions.
14. The conspiracy to cover up the scandal reached the highest levels.
15. Conspiracy charges were brought against several prominent figures.
16. The conspiracy was orchestrated with military precision.
17. Conspiracy theories can be harmful when they spread fear and distrust.
18. The conspiracy involved a network of spies and informants.
19. The plot's conspiracy grew more complex with each revelation.


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