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Examples of 'constituent' in a Sentence


1. The constituent molecules of the compound were studied in the laboratory.
2. The university's constituent colleges each had their own unique identity and culture.
3. The report analyzed the constituent factors that contributed to the economic downturn.
4. The team worked together to create a plan that satisfied the needs of all constituent stakeholders.
5. Trust, a vital constituent of strong bonds, relies on honesty and reliability.
6. Innovation fuels progress as a constituent of technological advancement.
7. Respect for diversity, a key constituent of social cohesion, fosters unity.
8. Responsibility is an integral constituent of ethical decision-making.
9. Empathy, a crucial constituent of understanding, promotes compassion.
10. Freedom of expression, a fundamental constituent of democracy, upholds civil liberties.
11. Integrity, a core constituent of character, defines one's moral compass.
12. Collaboration, a key constituent of teamwork, enhances productivity.
13. Sustainability is an essential constituent of responsible environmental practices.
14. Quality, a central constituent of customer satisfaction, drives business success.
15. Education, a foundational constituent of personal growth, empowers individuals.
16. Communication, a vital constituent of effective leadership, fosters understanding.
17. Every constituent of an ecosystem plays a unique role in ecological balance.
18. Responsibility is an indispensable constituent of ethical behavior and decision-making.
19. Integrity, a fundamental constituent of character, builds trust and credibility.
20. Trust, a core constituent of strong relationships, relies on honesty and reliability.
21. Respect for diversity, a key constituent of societal harmony, promotes inclusivity.
22. Innovation, a driving constituent of progress, shapes the future.
23. Empathy, a crucial constituent of empathy, promotes understanding and connection.
24. Freedom of expression, a central constituent of democracy, safeguards civil liberties.

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