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Examples of 'constitution' in a Sentence

1. The constitution grants the right to a fair trial to all individuals.
2. The students studied the constitution in their civics class.
3. The constitution sets the age requirement for presidential candidates.
4. Amendments to the constitution require a two-thirds majority in Congress.
5. The constitution guarantees equal protection under the law for all citizens.
6. The constitution of a democratic nation is a living document.
7. A nation's constitution lays the foundation for its legal system.
8. The framers of the constitution sought to create a just society.
9. The constitution outlines the powers and responsibilities of government.
10. The country recently underwent a comprehensive constitutional reform.
11. The Supreme Court interprets the constitution to resolve disputes.
12. An unwritten constitution relies on conventions and historical practices.
13. Amendments to the constitution require a rigorous legislative process.
14. The constitution guarantees individual rights and freedoms.
15. The constitution plays a pivotal role in ensuring checks and balances.
16. The colonial constitution served as a precursor to independence.
17. The constitution's preamble sets out the nation's guiding principles.
18. A nation's constitution often reflects its cultural values.
19. The constitution is often seen as the supreme law of the land.
20. Scholars debate the interpretation of certain constitutional clauses.
21. The constitution provides the framework for a federal system.
22. A strong constitution is crucial for maintaining the rule of law.
23. Constitutional amendments can address evolving societal issues.
24. The separation of powers is a cornerstone of democratic constitutions.
25. The constitution grants citizens the right to participate in governance.

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