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Examples of 'contaminate' in a Sentence

1. The lab must be sterile; we can't afford to contaminate the samples.
2. Lead pipes in older homes can contaminate drinking water and pose health risks.
3. Unregulated industrial waste can contaminate rivers, leading to serious ecological consequences.
4. Careless disposal of plastic waste can contaminate our oceans, threatening marine ecosystems.
5. To prevent disease spread, we must be careful not to contaminate shared spaces.
6. Factories can contaminate water sources with hazardous waste, harming ecosystems.
7. Please, don't contaminate the lake with trash; wildlife calls it home.
8. Wash hands to not contaminate others with germs when you're sick.
9. Pesticides can contaminate soil, affecting plant and animal life.
10. Oil spills contaminate oceans, leading to severe environmental damage.
11. Mining activities often contaminate nearby rivers, killing fish.
12. Toxic chemicals can contaminate air, causing health issues.
13. Don’t contaminate parks by leaving trash; respect nature.
14. Industrial waste can contaminate groundwater, making it unsafe.
15. Radiation can contaminate the environment for thousands of years.
16. Littering can contaminate beaches, harming marine life.
17. Plastic waste can contaminate the sea, endangering aquatic life.
18. Improper disposal can contaminate the land, leading to pollution.
19. Emissions from cars contaminate the air we breathe daily.
20. Dumpsites near rivers contaminate water, affecting human health.
21. Factories need filters to not contaminate the air with pollutants.
22. Incorrect chemical disposal can contaminate ecosystems, causing harm.
23. Never contaminate the wilderness; preserve it for the future.
24. Raw sewage can contaminate the environment, spreading disease.
25. Pesticide runoff can contaminate freshwater sources, killing organisms.


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