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Examples of 'contemporary' in a Sentence

1. Contemporary literature reflects modern life.
2. The building's design is strikingly contemporary.
3. We enjoy contemporary cuisine at that restaurant.
4. Contemporary politics can be polarizing.
5. She's a prominent contemporary artist.
6. Contemporary technology has revolutionized communication.
7. Contemporary architecture pushes boundaries.
8. Their music blends contemporary and folk elements.
9. Contemporary films address diverse themes.
10. Contemporary fashion trends change rapidly.
11. The play explores contemporary relationships.
12. Contemporary literature reflects cultural diversity.
13. Contemporary science continues to advance.
14. Our office space features contemporary design.
15. Contemporary dance expresses emotion through movement.
16. Contemporary artists often challenge conventions.
17. He's a contemporary of famous musicians.
18. Contemporary literature offers fresh perspectives.
19. The museum features a diverse range of contemporary art.

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