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Examples of 'contemptuous' in a Sentence

1. The socialite treated the waiter with a contemptuous air, as if he were beneath her.
2. The judge's contemptuous ruling shocked the defendant and their legal team.
3. The celebrity's contemptuous behavior towards the paparazzi further fueled the media frenzy.
4. His contemptuous actions towards the homeless person demonstrated a lack of empathy.
5. The CEO's contemptuous treatment of the interns created a toxic work environment.
6. Her contemptuous glare silenced the room instantly.
7. The critic's review was filled with contemptuous remarks.
8. He spoke in a contemptuous tone about his rival.
9. She raised a contemptuous eyebrow at his excuse.
10. Their contemptuous laughter echoed in the hallway.
11. The politician's speech was riddled with contemptuous jabs.
12. He couldn't hide his contemptuous smirk.
13. Her contemptuous attitude alienated her colleagues.
14. The judge's contemptuous ruling shocked the courtroom.
15. Their contemptuous treatment of the waiter was appalling.
16. He regarded the proposal with a contemptuous sigh.
17. She delivered a contemptuous critique of the artwork.
18. The teacher's contemptuous tone demoralized the students.
19. His contemptuous disregard for rules was problematic.
20. The coach's contemptuous coaching style bred resentment.
21. The employee's contemptuous email upset the entire team.
22. The CEO's contemptuous decision baffled shareholders.
23. Their contemptuous behavior tarnished the company's image.
24. The professor's contemptuous dismissal of questions was frustrating.
25. A contemptuous glance passed between the rivals.

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