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Examples of 'contender' in a Sentence

1. The actress is a leading contender for the coveted role.
2. The political candidate is seen as a strong contender in the upcoming election.
3. The startup has emerged as a formidable contender in the tech industry.
4. The gymnast is a top contender for the Olympic gold medal.
5. The movie is expected to be a strong contender during awards season.
6. The young boxer is a rising contender in the heavyweight division.
7. In politics, he emerged as a strong contender for the top position.
8. The chess grandmaster faced a formidable contender in the tournament.
9. The Olympic Games featured athletes from every contender nation.
10. She proved herself as a serious contender for the leadership role.
11. The company established itself as a major contender in the market.
12. The film industry has several top contenders for the Best Actor award.
13. The underdog team surprised everyone by becoming a contender.
14. The startup is considered a serious contender in the tech sector.
15. His innovative ideas made him a strong contender for the project lead.
16. The race had a surprising dark horse contender who nearly won.
17. The academic competition attracted top contenders from universities.
18. She was the primary contender for the role of the lead actress.
19. The political debate showcased the views of each contender.
20. The contest had a clear frontrunner and several other contenders.
21. The contender's dedication and skill impressed the judges.
22. The election had multiple contenders vying for public support.
23. The heavyweight champion faced a formidable contender in the ring.
24. The beauty pageant had contestants from various contender countries.
25. As a contender, he faced challenges with determination and grace.

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