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Examples of 'contention' in a Sentence

1. Her contention that modern art lacks depth offended several artists at the exhibition.
2. The bone of contention between the two neighbors was a towering, old oak tree.
3. In my contention, the government should invest more in renewable energy sources.
4. His book was based on the contention that the universe is constantly expanding.
5. The speaker's contention that education is a basic human right was met with widespread approval.
6. The local council has a point of contention with the proposed skyscraper's height.
7. A major contention in the scientific community is the ethical implications of genetic editing.
8. Their marriage was always peaceful, with little room for any contention.
9. It was his contention that sports play a crucial role in character building.
10. The professor's contention that Shakespeare's plays were written by someone else stirred up controversy.
11. The contentious debate ended with no clear resolution to the original contention.
12. The root of their contention was a long-standing family dispute.
13. She stood her ground, firm in her contention that the decision was unjust.
14. The contention between the two rivals grew more intense.
15. Their contention over the property dispute led to a legal battle.
16. The contention among coworkers made the office environment tense.
17. Political contention often arises during election seasons.
18. The contention between the siblings was causing family strife.
19. The court attempted to resolve the contention between the parties.
20. The board meeting was marked by heated contention.
21. Contention often arises when scarce resources are involved.
22. The contention over the decision split the committee into factions.
23. Resolving the contention required mediation from a neutral party.
24. The team's contention for the championship title fueled their determination.


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