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Examples of 'contentious' in a Sentence

1. The CEO's contentious remarks at the press conference sparked a wave of controversy.
2. The contentious book stirred up a heated discussion in our book club last week.
3. His contentious attitude made it difficult to reach an agreement during the negotiations.
4. The proposed housing development became a contentious point among the town's residents.
5. It's a contentious claim that artificial intelligence will replace human jobs in the near future.
6. Their contentious divorce proceedings had been a constant source of gossip in the neighborhood.
7. The professor's contentious theory caused a significant stir in the academic community.
8. After a contentious election, the city welcomed its youngest mayor ever.
9. The issue of gun control remains a contentious topic in many countries.
10. The contentious legacy of colonialism continues to impact societies around the world.
11. The film director is known for his contentious views on mainstream Hollywood cinema.
12. Our conversation took a contentious turn when we started discussing the company's hiring policies.
13. The school's decision to change the curriculum was a contentious move that angered many parents.
14. The contentious debate over healthcare reform continues to divide the nation.
15. His contentious remarks ignited a heated argument at the family dinner.
16. The contentious election results left the country deeply divided.
17. Their contentious lawsuit dragged on for years in the courtroom.
18. The contentious decision to raise taxes faced fierce opposition.
19. The contentious issue of gun control elicits passionate debates.
20. Her contentious editorial sparked outrage among readers.
21. The contentious negotiations between labor and management stalled.
22. The contentious trade dispute strained international relations.
23. The contentious debate on immigration policy rages on in Congress.


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