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Examples of 'contestant' in a Sentence

1. The experienced contestant utilized their strategic skills to outwit their opponents.
2. The judges praised the contestant's exceptional performance, earning them a standing ovation.
3. The contestant's determination and perseverance led them to become the ultimate winner.
4. The contestant's passion and enthusiasm shone through their every dance move.
5. The contestants formed a close bond throughout the duration of the reality show.
6. The contestant's emotional story moved the audience to tears during their heartfelt performance.
7. Each contestant had a unique talent that set them apart from the rest of the competition.
8. The young contestant displayed maturity beyond their years during the intense debate.
9. The host announced the final challenge, leaving the contestants in suspense.
10. The contestant's incredible memory allowed them to excel in the memory-based game show.
11. The judges provided constructive feedback to help the contestants improve their skills.
12. The contestant's unwavering confidence was evident as they tackled each obstacle with ease.
13. The contestant's natural charisma and charm won over both the judges and the audience.
14. The eliminated contestant gracefully accepted their defeat, acknowledging the talents of their fellow competitors.

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