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Examples of 'context' in a Sentence

1. She used the context of the book to explain the author's message.
2. He provided the context for the political situation in the country.
3. The context of the artwork must be understood to appreciate its significance.
4. She gave the context for the statistics she presented in her report.
5. He used the context of the current events to explain the implications of the policy.
6. It's important to consider the historical context of this event.
7. Her remarks were taken out of context, causing confusion.
8. Understanding the cultural context is essential for translation.
9. The context of his decision was complex and challenging.
10. The context in which the story unfolds is a futuristic world.
11. The context of the meeting shaped the agenda.
12. To interpret the message correctly, you need to know the context.
13. The context of the conversation made his comment inappropriate.
14. In this context, her actions were completely justified.
15. The political context of the speech was highly charged.
16. The context in which they met was a summer music festival.
17. Contextual factors influence our decision-making process.
18. It's crucial to provide context when citing statistics.
19. The context of the painting reflects the artist's emotions.
20. Without context, the message might be misinterpreted.
21. The historical context of the play adds depth to the plot.
22. In the context of a pandemic, remote work became common.
23. His words were taken out of context to discredit him.
24. The context in which they grew up shaped their beliefs.
25. Contextual analysis reveals underlying patterns in data.

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