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Examples of 'contiguous' in a Sentence

1. The artist's paintings formed a contiguous mural along the gallery wall.
2. The map displayed the contiguous regions in different colors.
3. To avoid overcrowding, the event organizers allocated contiguous time slots.
4. Our goal is to create a contiguous green space throughout the city.
5. Contiguous farmlands provide ample opportunities for agriculture.
6. The nations signed an agreement to maintain contiguous borders.
7. The group of islands forms a contiguous archipelago.
8. The bookshelves were designed to fit together as contiguous units.
9. The construction project extended the road through contiguous neighborhoods.
10. Contiguous classrooms allowed for collaborative teaching.
11. The research project spanned multiple contiguous phases.
12. The company's expansion plan included acquiring contiguous properties.
13. The forest reserve is a vast area of contiguous wilderness.
14. Contiguous parking lots offer ample space for event attendees.
15. Contiguous apartments were merged into a single spacious unit.
16. The river flows through contiguous states, connecting diverse ecosystems.
17. The contiguous rooms were designed to be used as a suite.

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