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Examples of 'contort' in a Sentence

1. The trees by the coast contort due to the constant winds.
2. The witnesses contort their stories to avoid getting in trouble.
3. The python can contort around its prey with incredible strength.
4. Contortionists contort their bodies to an amazing degree.
5. In an attempt to escape, the cat will contort itself through the narrow opening.
6. The aerialist, suspended from the ceiling, contort in mid-air.
7. The vines contort around the trees as they grow.
8. The plot of the book contorts in unexpected ways.
9. To make the balloon animals, you have to contort the balloons into various shapes.
10. The artist uses wires to contort the sculpture into its final form.
11. In the horror movie, the ghosts contort through the walls.
12. Shadows contort across the walls as the candle flickers.
13. During the mime's performance, he contorts to imitate being trapped in a box.
14. She contorted her body to fit through the narrow space.

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