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Examples of 'contraband' in a Sentence

1. The police discovered a stash of contraband alcohol in an illegal speakeasy.
2. Smuggling contraband wildlife products threatens endangered species.
3. The black market thrives on the sale of contraband luxury goods.
4. Counterfeit designer handbags are a common form of contraband.
5. The authorities cracked down on the illegal trade in contraband art.
6. Drug traffickers often use hidden compartments to conceal contraband.
7. The ship's cargo hold was filled with contraband ivory.
8. A crackdown on contraband items led to multiple arrests.
9. The black market trade in contraband electronics is on the rise.
10. The prison implemented strict measures to prevent contraband from entering.
11. Smugglers attempted to transport contraband archaeological artifacts.
12. The sale of contraband pharmaceuticals poses health risks to consumers.
13. The customs officers were trained to detect contraband food products.
14. The illegal trade in contraband firearms fuels violence in the region.
15. The authorities seized a shipment of contraband exotic pets.
16. The border patrol intercepted a group of people smuggling contraband cash.
17. The police dogs were trained to sniff out hidden contraband.
18. The government implemented stricter controls to combat contraband trade.
19. The illegal distribution of contraband DVDs undermines the film industry.

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