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Examples of 'contract' in a Sentence

1. The contract stipulated a 30-day notice period for termination.
2. The artist was bound by a non-disclosure agreement in her contract.
3. The dispute arose due to a misunderstanding of the contract terms.
4. The contract outlined the payment schedule for the services rendered.
5. The contract was legally binding and enforceable in a court of law.
6. They signed a contract to seal the business deal.
7. Her contract includes a non-compete clause.
8. The contract outlines the terms and conditions clearly.
9. Negotiating the contract terms took several weeks.
10. A breach of contract can result in legal consequences.
11. The contract stipulates a monthly payment schedule.
12. Their contract includes a confidentiality agreement.
13. The construction contract was awarded to a local firm.
14. The athlete signed a lucrative endorsement contract.
15. The contract dispute led to a lengthy court battle.
16. The employment contract offers competitive benefits.
17. The artist's contract guarantees creative control.
18. The contract specifies the project's completion date.
19. The contract requires regular performance evaluations.
20. He's reviewing the contract before finalizing the deal.
21. The rental contract includes a security deposit.
22. The contract allows for termination with notice.
23. The contract negotiations were intense but fair.
24. The contract outlines dispute resolution procedures.
25. The contract was drafted by experienced legal experts.


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