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Examples of 'contradiction' in a Sentence


1. The professor challenged his students to identify the contradictions within the philosophical text.
2. The contradiction between the two scientific theories led to a debate among researchers.
3. The politician's contradictory statements in different interviews were scrutinized by the media.
4. The contradiction between the legal statutes caused confusion among lawyers and judges.
5. Her actions were a clear contradiction of her earlier promises.
6. The scientist's findings presented a significant contradiction.
7. The candidate's words and actions were a glaring contradiction.
8. The book's plot contained an intriguing contradiction.
9. The contradictions in his argument left everyone confused.
10. The artist's work explored the beauty of contradiction.
11. His behavior showed a contradiction in his personality.
12. The poem eloquently expressed the essence of contradiction.
13. The contradictory evidence made the case challenging.
14. The contract contained several internal contradictions.
15. The politician's speeches were rife with contradictions.
16. The philosophy class discussed the nature of contradiction.
17. The movie's characters embodied the complexity of contradiction.
18. The contradictory weather forecasts left people uncertain.
19. The lawyer pointed out a contradiction in the witness's testimony.
20. The journalist uncovered a contradiction in the official report.
21. The contradiction between their beliefs caused tension.
22. The historical account had numerous contradictions.
23. The scientist embraced contradiction as a catalyst for discovery.
24. The paradoxical nature of art often involves contradiction.

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