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Examples of 'contradictory' in a Sentence

1. The artist's paintings reflected a contradictory blend of vibrant colors and somber themes.
2. The research findings were contradictory, with some studies supporting the hypothesis and others refuting it.
3. His behavior was contradictory, alternating between extreme confidence and self-doubt.
4. The novel's protagonist had contradictory desires, torn between love and ambition.
5. The jury struggled to reach a verdict due to contradictory evidence presented during the trial.
6. His contradictory statements left everyone puzzled and frustrated.
7. The weather forecast for the weekend is quite contradictory.
8. Their contradictory views on politics often led to heated debates.
9. The evidence presented in court was highly contradictory.
10. Her contradictory behavior made it hard to trust her.
11. The contradictory instructions confused the assembly line workers.
12. Their contradictory goals hindered progress on the project.
13. The movie's contradictory plot twists kept viewers guessing.
14. The politician's contradictory promises raised doubts among voters.
15. The contradictory findings in the research study raised eyebrows.
16. The manager's contradictory feedback left the team perplexed.
17. The contradictory rules created chaos at the event.
18. The artist's contradictory styles made their work unique.
19. The contradictory advice from experts left me unsure.
20. The contradictory information in the user manual frustrated customers.
21. His contradictory attitude towards the project caused delays.
22. The contradictory signals from the stock market created uncertainty.
23. The contradictory demands of the job wore him down.
24. The contradictory testimonies in the trial complicated matters.
25. The contradictory emotions in her eyes told a complex story.

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